1st Year Chemistry Courses


21:160:113-114  General Chemistry Lab (1,1)
 The 2-semester companion course to General Chemistry 115-116.  Students can take this course concurrently with Gen. Chem. 115-116 or at a later time.  They cannot take Gen. Chem. Lab 113 before taking Gen. Chem. 115 or Gen. Chem. 114 before Gen. Chem. 116, nor can they take 160:114 concurrently with 160:113.

21:160:115-116  General Chemistry (4,4)
 This course is required of all students who are planning to take Organic Chemistry.  Students majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Medical Technology, Pharmacy, and Pre-Med students are required to take this course.  Requires College Algebra 640:113 as a prerequisite for 160:115 and Pre-Calculus 640:114 as a prerequisite for 160:116.

21:160:108  Organic Biochemistry (3)
 Prerequisite is Gen. Chem. 160:115 (or equivalent Intro. to Chem. 160:106-107).  This course has been designed specifically to meet the Nursing program's requirements. It is possible for a student to take Intro. to Chem. 160:107 concurrently with Org. Biochem. 160:108.


21: & 62:101-102  World of Chemistry (3,3)
 A non-mathematical course for non-science majors.  This course, along with 160:109,110 lab course, fulfills the lab science course requirement

21: & 62:109-110  World of Chemistry Lab (1,1)
 The companion 2 semester lab course to go with 101,102. The 2nd semester course (160:110) is also the companion course for Organic Biochem. 160:108 (mainly for students in the Nursing program).  160:110 and 160:113 may be taken concurrently (again, this is mainly for students in the Nursing program).