Piotr_Photo Piotr Piotrowiak

email: piotr@rutgers.edu
office: 973-353-5318

Research Interests

Our research concentrates on experimental studies of photoinduced charge and electronic excitation transfer processes, their relevance to solar energy conversion and to the design of molecular electronic devices. We use a mixture of time-resolved spectroscopy, synthesis and computation to study:
  • electron and excitation transfer in host-guest supramolecular assemblies (hemicarceplexes)
  • the interplay between intramolecular electron transfer and ionic relaxation in non-aqueous solutions of electrolytes
  • the role of molecular orbital symmetry symmetry in determining the donor-acceptor energy transfer in spirobifluorenes
  • ultrafast charge injection at molecule-nanoparticle interfaces
  • photoisomerization dynamics of olefins with rigid chromophores.

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