Rudolph Kluiber

email: kluiber@genchem.rutgers.edu
office: 973-353-5579

Research Interests

My work focuses on the development and updating of interactive, multimedia learning tools for the instruction of first-year chemistry students. Specifically, this work consists of a written laboratory manual for experiments; individualized pre-lab assignments; a set of videos (10 to 20 minutes long) demonstrating the laboratory procedures and techniques for particular experiments; and computer programs for monitoring and correcting students experimental work and calculations, and for automatically grading experiments and maintaining class records. Development of the computer programs is the most creative and unique feature of this instruction. These programs provide continual feedback to the student regarding the quality of his or her laboratory techniques and understanding of the experiment while he or she is performing the experiment. It also produces a graded printed evaluation of the students performance as soon as the experiment is completed.