Jaekle_Photo Frieder Jäkle

email: fjaekle@rutgers.edu
office: 973-353-5064

Research Interests

Our research focuses on the development of new routes to multifunctional and polymeric Lewis acids for applications in catalysis and materials chemistry. We engage in research in the following specific areas:
  • Project A: We develop new routes to well-defined Lewis acid (LA) functionalized polyolefins, in which boron groups are attached to the side chains or at the chain ends. We pursue applications of these polymers as supported Lewis acid catalysts and as precursor to luminescent materials.

  • Project B: We study electronically interesting conjugated polymers, in which Lewis acid (LA) centers are attached or embedded into the pi-conjugated polymer main chain as sensor and device materials.

  • Project C: We investigate new methods for the preparation of ferrocene-based planar chiral Lewis acids and study their reactivity, binding behavior, redox properties, and applications in Lewis acid catalysis.

  • Project D: We explore the chemistry of pentafluorophenyl copper including its use as a highly selective aryl transfer reagent for the preparation of perfluoroarylboranes and the formation of luminescent supramolecular structures through cuprophilic and pi-stacking interactions upon complexation with nucleophiles.
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