Chemistry Seminar Series, Fall 2018

All seminars will be held on FRIDAYS at 11:30 in the Life Sciences Center (LSC), room 130, on the Rutgers-Newark Campus, unless noted otherwise. A coffee social will precede each seminar at about 11:00 in the reading room on the third floor of Olson Hall (room 338).

SEP 14 Michael Hilinski (University of Virginia) Selective Oxidation of Strong and Weak Bonds: New Catalytic and Synthetic Methods
SEP 21 Gabriel Kotliar (Rutgers University - New Brunswick) to be announced
SEP 28 Nikhil S. Malvankar (Yale University) Mechanism of Metal-like Transport in Bacterial Protein Nanowires
NOV 02 Tomislav Rovis (Columbia University) Controlling Catalysis with Visible Light
Oct 26 Richard Mendelsohn (Rutgers Universtiy - Newark) A Career Retrospective: Biophysical Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy, Microscopy and Imaging
Nov 09 Gramam Dobereiner (Temple University) to be announced
Nov 16 Qin Wu (Brookhaven National Laboratory) to be announced
Nov 30 Neils Damraurer (University of Colorado) Exploiting Symmetry and Energy in Molecular Design for Singlet Fission and Photoredox Propertied