FTMS Facility

The departmental facility is equipped with an Apex-ultra 70 hybrid fourier transform mass spectrometer (Bruker Daltonics). The FTMS facility is managed by Dr. Roman Brukh.

FTMS photo

The FTMS is equipped with a 7.0 T actively shielded, high-stability magnet, and an Apollo II Dual ESI/MALDI source to provides simultaneous operation in both modes. The ESI source has an ion funnel and a spray chamber with a grounded off-axis sprayer. The MALDI source has computer controlled X-Y stage for scout-385 MTP target plates. Additional instrument capabilities are HPLC and nanospray experiments. Fragmentation methods include in-source collision activated dissociation (IS-CAD), collision cell activated dissociation (C-CAD), sustained off-resonance irradiation collision activated dissociation (SORI-CAD), infrared multi-photon dissociation (IRMPD), and electron capture dissociation (ECD).

Sample applications are compound elucidation, drug impurity analysis, natural product characterization, high-end proteomics studies, and metabolomics research.

Rates and scheduling details are also available online.