Our Research and Selected Publications

Protein Research

  • Method for Determining the Loci of Interaction of a Protein with its Ligand, or with a Second Protein [doc]
  • Characterization of HMqF, a Protein Involved in the Biosynthesis of Unsaturated Quinolones Produced by Burkholderia thailandensis [doi]
  • Other selected publications [link]

Polymer Research

  • Highly Luminescent, Electron-Deficient Bora-cyclophanes [doi]
  • Synthesis and Lewis Acid Properties of a Ferrocene-based Planar-chiral Borenium Cation [doi]
  • π-Expanded Borazine: An Ambipolar Conjugated B-π-N Macrocycle [doi]
  • Synthesis, Structures, and Hydroboration of Oligo- and Poly(3-alkynylthiophene)s [doi]
  • Other publications [link]