I. The Pre-oral Exam

About 6 months before the expected final defense the student orally presents to the Thesis Committee his or her results, conclusions and an estimation of remaining work. The Committee then decides what the student must accomplish before the final defense. One week in advance of this oral presentation, the student must distribute a one- or two-page abstract to all Committee members and to all Chemistry Department faculty. Input from interested faculty is encouraged.

II. Clearance Check-list

All students are required to complete clearance of a departmental check-list of outstanding keys and library books. The research adviser will also have clearance requirements (lab clean-up, return of items, etc.). The Graduate Program Director will not sign the degree application form until these clearances have been completed and the departmental form presented.

III. The Writing and Defense of the Thesis

1. Prior to the final defense, a preliminary thesis draft is given to the research advisor only.

2. The research advisor ensures that the thesis is correct, complete, and well written in acceptable journal style, including abstract, table of contents, appendices, bibliography, etc.

3. A typed final draft is distributed to each Committee member at least three weeks prior to the anticipated date of the defense.

4. An announcement of the title, the date, and the place of the defense is to be sent to the Graduate Dean three weeks before the defense (and the room must be reserved).

5. During this three-week period the candidate will solicit corrections and suggestions from the Committee members.

6. The final defense is open to the public and must be publicized by posted announcements two weeks prior to the examination date.

7. After the defense, the final typed version of the thesis will be prepared in the form acceptable to the Committee and to the Graduate School, and an "original" plus at least three copies must be submitted.