Ph.D. Thesis Advisor Choice Form

Listed below are the faculty of the Rutgers Ph.D. Program in Chemistry. To assure that you have sufficient knowledge of the various research directions that are pursued in our department, brief faculty presentations will be scheduled during the month of September. You then must consult at least three (3) faculty members to discuss research projects in more detail. Those you consult should sign this form.

Once you have discussed research with at least 3 professors, please indicate your preferred research advisor (1st, 2nd, 3rd choice). At that point please return this form to the graduate advisor. For students entering during Fall terms, you should select an advisor before October 31st; for students entering during Spring terms, your decision should be made before the spring break in March.

Prof. Brenner-Moyer ___________________________
Prof. Galoppini ___________________________
Prof. He ___________________________
Prof. Huskey ___________________________
Prof. Jäkle ___________________________
Prof. Jordan ___________________________
Prof. Lalancette ___________________________
Prof. Lockard ___________________________
Prof. Mendelsohn ___________________________
Prof. Pavanello ___________________________
Prof. Pietrangelo ___________________________
Prof. Piotrowiak ___________________________
Prof. Szostak ___________________________
Prof. Sheridan ___________________________

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