N-H--π Interactions Stabilize Azaborine Oligomer and Polymer Conformations

MS In collaboration with the Liu group at Boston College, the Jäkle group reported the synthesis and characterization of regioregular 1,2-azaborine oligomers and polymers with long effective conjugation lengths. Read their Angewandte Chemie communication to learn about the N-H--π effects responsible for maintaining coplanar alignment of the azaborines in the main chain.

Isoxazole Chemistry Review Wins High Praise

MS A recent review article by the Szostak group, Recent Developments in the Synthesis and Reactivity of Isoxazoles: Metal Catalysis and Beyond, has been selected as a "VIP" (Very Important Publication) in Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis. Read the article to learn about the advances in the chemistry of this important ring system in the last decade.

Pietrangelo Group Research Makes the Cover of Polymer Chemistry

AP A recent article by the Pietrangelo research group, Effect of Residue Structure on the Thermal and Thermoresponsive Properties of Substituted Poly(N-acryloyl-2-pyrrolidone)s, has been published in Polymer Chemistry and featured on the cover! Read the article to learn about how both the structure and chemical class of the pyrrolidone residues influence the physicochemical properties of polymers that are highly desirable for drug delivery applications.

Award Competition: Herbert C. Cheung Scholarships, Anna and Bernard Senkowski Scholarships

Each spring, the Chemistry Department runs an award competition open to all chemistry majors currently enrolled at Rutgers-Newark. To be eligible, a student must be a declared chemistry major by June of this year. Award winners are selected based upon the evaluation of grade-point average, financial need, and two letters of recommendation. The deadline for submitting application forms is June 10.

Novel Tools in Computational Chemistry Coding Workshop

MP Experts in chemistry and computer science will host a workshop at Rutgers University-Newark on April 11, 2015. The aim of the workshop is to bring researchers up-to-speed with the latest developments in both disciplines. More details and registration information is available here.

Pavanello Group Research Makes the Cover of JCP

MP The latest paper by the Pavanello research group on Periodic Subsystem Density-Functional Theory was selected as the Featured Article of Issue 7 of Volume 141 of The Journal of Chemical Physics. One figure from the article was placed on the cover of the issue! Read the full paper to learn how their research will improve computational studies of molecules interacting with metal and semiconductor surfaces.

BORAM XIV at Rutgers University-Newark in June

BORAM The Boron in the Americas conference (BORAM XIV) will take place on the Newark campus of Rutgers University from June 15-19, 2014. Check the conference website for the schedule, registration, accommodations, and other details.

Frieder Jäkle Joins the Organometallics Advisory Board

Prof. Jäkle has been appointed to the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal Organometallics, published by the American Chemical Society.

New Luminescent Triaryl Borane Polymers As Dual Responsive Fluoride Ion Sensors

JF2 The Jäkle group has prepared the first luminescent triarylborane block copolymers with well-defined chain architectures. Using these amphiphilic polymers, they developed a dual-responsive fluoride sensor by taking advantage of their ability to self-assemble reversibly. In addition to practical applications for anion sensing, this new class of electron-deficient block copolymers could prove useful for biological imaging and in the area of organic electronics. Read more in their recent JACS communication.

Recent Graduate Student Awards

For the 2012-2013 academic year, Hetalaben Patel won a Graduate Student Excellence Award from the Graduate School Government, and Fei Cheng won the Graduate School Dean's Doctoral Dissertation Award. Ms. Patel is studying for a Ph.D. in Prof. Jordan's research group; Dr. Cheng recently completed his degree working in Prof. Jäkle's group.

Intermediates Detected in TDP-dependent Enzymes Point to Catalytic Mechanisms

FLOUR Prof. Jordan and his co-workers have established techniques to detect covalent intermediates and products in thiamin diphosphate (TDP)-dependent enymatic pathways. Using these techniques, they have succeeded in monitoring key chemical species as reactions catalyzed separately by six different enzymes progress in time. Read the details about the mechanistic implications of their findings for pyruvate decarboxylase, the pyruvate dehydrogenase multienzyme complex, and other enzymes in their recent publications: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6].

Recent Faculty Awards to Profs. Mendelsohn, Jäkle, Piotrowiak, and Jordan

Chemistry faculty winning recent awards include Prof. Mendelsohn who won the 2012 Gold Medal from the NY Section of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy, and Prof. Jäkle who won the Boron in the Americas Award along with the 2012 Akron ACS Section Award. Additionally, Prof. Piotrowiak was awarded the Donald H. Jacobs Chair in Applied Physics and Prof. Jordan won the Chancellor's Excellence in Research Award.

Efficient New Procedure for Highly Conductive Graphene

Professor He and her co-workers have developed a rapid, simple, and scalable method to produce large conductive sheets of graphene. The solution-processible sheets, formed in the presence of nitronium ion with microwave heating, could be used in a broad spectrum of applications. Read the details in their JACS article. PHILY

Fluorescence Enhancement from Constrained Spaces

FLOUR The Galoppini and Piotrowiak groups recently reported an unprecedented fluorescence enhancement observed in aqueous solutions of complexes formed by a viologen derivative in a molecular host or in a polymer matrix. The emission can be turned off and on by electrochemical reactions. Calculations show the behavior derives from conformational constraints of the complex. Read how these findings could be used to develop electrochromic materials and fluorescent switches in their recent JACS article.

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